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Simchah Huizar Branding

Flexible branding system


My friend, Simchah Huizar, is a skilled certified yoga therapist and life coach who helps her clients overcome trauma, learn to communicate, and build inner strength and resilience.

Her ability to bridge the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life with a Jesus-centered and eternity-focused worldview is very effective, but she struggled to communicate her story with her audience.

She reached out to me to develop a brand identity that fit her personality, and to help her understand and craft her personal brand story.

My Contribution

Brand strategy, logo design

Simchah Huizar logo design
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We started with a discovery process that included brand strategy workshop. We dove deep into her business, looking at the pains, goals, defining her audience, and mapping out her customer's lifecycle journey.

I distilled the workshop findings into a brand strategy guide, which outlined her brand positioning and documented all that was learned. This guide was the compass for the brand identity design.

In like a lioness

Simchah's is a tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse, but is one of the most caring individuals I've come to know. She also has a thing for lions. Making the jump to using a lioness for the logo mark was simple. Trying to get the right balance of femininity, athleticism, and strength? That took some iteration. But the resulting logo system hit the mark.

Slides from the Discovery Document for Simchah Huizar's branding project
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Look, I'll be honest. I don't usually (ever?) have a client break out in tears while I'm in the middle of presenting my brand strategy discovery results. Fortunately, these were tears of joy.

Simchah's tears were simply because what had been a long-standing frustration for her of feeling like she couldn't find clarity had suddenly gain sharp focus. Through my brand strategy process, I was able to pull out of Simchah the core essence of her personality, and how that relates to her business and her clients. She now is equipped with the vision and language she needs to communicate strongly with her clients and audience, and is clear on a path forward.

The new personal brand identity design is the rallying point for her platform, representing who she is, as well as the stories of those whose lives she's impacted.

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Simchah Huizar branding design guide
Simchah Huizar branding business card design concept
Simchah Huizar hat design concept
Simchah Huizar stretch yourself tee design concept