Increasing government transparency is a platform that tracks the status of legislation in the United States Congress, and allows citizens to follow the bills and members of Congress and Senate that they care about.

Growing trust

Civic technologist Dr. Joshua Tauberer reached out to me to lead the redesign of his long-lived and massively popular government transparency site,

While functional, the GovTrack site at that time was already in use for over a decade, and the design of the site was detrimental to the perception of the site as a reliable and quality source of government information.

Our goal in the redesign project was to increase user engagement by improving the clarity and ease of use of the site, and also by designing a trustworthy, authoritative personality for the platform.

Beginning with an extensive UX design phase, we mapped out the new content structure and user flow using sketches and interactive wireframe prototypes, which were extremely useful for us to  hammer out any issues.

UX wireframes

Once the structure was in place, I began the design of the pages. I then worked with Josh (the developer) to provide front-end HTML/CSS development support, bringing the design to life.

Home page
Govtrack home page design
track actions
List settings
Sort results form
Search page
Govtrack search page
Bills detail page
Govtrack bill view page
Votes breakdown
Govtrack votes page
Joshua Tauberer, Ph.D.
“David was quickly able to understand my needs and discern the style I was going for. I'm a pretty picky guy and hard to please but David was a pleasure to work with."
Joshua Tauberer, Ph.D.
I am currently booking for August, 2020.

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